Friday, January 8, 2010


Hey there.
Many of you already know my Mom. She no longer has time to blog so she has passed the torch to me.

Tonight's post is just a brief note of introduction.

It's time to go snoopervise in the kitchen...Mom is cooking up a storm. Tonight is Friday Nite Fambly Nite. She is cooking rice, garbanzo beans, chicken, and corn. After all the humans eat dinner together at the table, they're going to play board games.

Thanks for visiting.
Come back soon!


  1. hey bb welcome back to the pack. Your mom rules. EmmaLou sends regards from the doghouse (she ate a sock - see twitpic on Twitter) I hope you win the board game - as for me...I'm just bored...cya in Tweetsville!

  2. Cronie,
    Git that poor dog OUT of the dog house NOW. EmmaLou is my BBF BestBitch Forever!!!

  3. Hi Coco,

    I am glad that your mommy brought you back. I have been missing you. Please let mommy know that I hope she is feeling a lot better and healing well. Well at least better than I am, although I am getting better and hopefully it is getting easier to type lately.

    Oh and please let mommy know that we are glad that you are blogging again and not spending all of your time tweeting. LOL!!!! I sometimes think that is the only way to reach your mommy lately.

    Oh and let her know that we miss her in bloggyworld and I am sorry I cannot listen to Auntie anymore either. But was happy with a once a month blog from Auntie too.

    And how was it with all those humans eating beans? Was there a lot of tooting going on. I've heard there has been a lot of that tooting stuff going on lately due to all those beans everyone is eating. Someone just gave me a bag of pinto beans and I am thinking of making me a crockpot full of them, just to join in with all the tooting.

    Well take it easy and tell your mommy that I said "Hi!"

    God bless.

  4. tut tut,
    Howdy back atcha, my turtle friend.

    You are such a sweet heart. Good to hear your shoulder is on the mend. Mom is doing well, too. She is sick&tired of PT, and hopes it will all end in a couple weeks.
    BTW, you look like a CAT.
    What's up with that?