Monday, January 11, 2010

My Fambly Members, Part One

Hey there.

Thanks for coming back to my new blog. Today I am going to introduce you my roommate. Her name is Pretty.

photo by Auntie, 2009

Mom tells me Pretty is 17 years old.
I just call her The Ancient One.
She and I share a bed here in the kitchen.
She can't walk anywhere.
Mom has to pick her up so she can poo outside. 
And she has lost most of her teeth.
Mom spoon-feeds her.
I try to be gentle with her...
But every now and then I try to play with her.
She just growls.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. 17 years is a long life for a dog - I keep telling EmmaLou she could meet her maker at any moment at the rate she's chewing socks. Gentle scratch under chin to Pretty and a big old belly rub to you, Coco!

  2. Ah yes,
    I always welcome belly rubs!

  3. Oh Miss Pretty, I have been there with Bambi. She was 18 and could still let out a growl when she spied a cat. As for Coco, you are too cute.

  4. You're back! We're happy that you decided to get off of your tail and start blogging again:) We send Pretty our gentle purrs.

  5. It's nice to have elders around to spin their tales (and tails) of the olden days.

    You're a doll btw. Have a great day Coco!!

  6. A cat? I look like a cat and all this time I thought I was a dog. Tristan & Crikey like me as their pal Joey. I am gonna have to talk to the MrsU and see what I am.

    Pretty is so sweet looking, and my MrsU did once have a dog named Scotty. Scotty lived to be 18 and MrsU had to do the same thing as your mom. She had to carry him outside and she took really good care of him. I was not around at that time, but I have heard stories of how much MrsU loved her Scotty. She still cries when anyone talks about him. She says he was her baby. I am her baby now, but then I heard a tale that her youngest daughter wants to buy her a poodle. Someone she knows is having poodle puppies and since MrsU is allergic to every dog but poodles, her daughter thinks it is time she gets a dog.

    I don't know what they think I am, I have been trying my best to be a good dog for MrsU. I go outside to go potty, I come when she calls me, I rub her legs and feet, I let her pet me, I walk two paces in front of her, I sit and wait for her if she stops, but the one thing I will not do is play "fetch", although I will play "string". I mean seriously, what more could MrsU want. I am a dog who looks like a cat.

    Oh and MrsU says that she is glad your PT will be over pretty soon. She still moans and groans when we are trying to sleep, but she is getting better. At least she is typing better. And she can pet me pretty well with both arms now.

    Gotta go, MrsU is calling me.

    God bless.

  7. Oh poor sweet Pretty! How precious she is. We're all happy to see that you and mom are still blogging. :) A very belated happy 2010 to you both!

    We sure miss those SA days...