Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Gift for My BBF

OK, some of you out there got the impression that I be tough. Just because I'm a min-pin and I live in the Bronx.

Well, I'm not THAT tough.
And just to prove that, I'm showing a public display of affection (yo, check out the flower) for my BBF Best Beeatch Forever Emma. We be tight on Twitter, where she is known as @GoldenDestroyer.

Emma, I be giving you mad props. You be dealin' with all those Flicks from your Moms.
Hang in there Beeatch. You know I gots your back.


  1. Dogs are soooooo strange! Happy Easter:)

  2. I woulda thanked u sooner BBF but Mom has been a bit snarky with me lately - she sez my nails are scratching her keyboard and something about spending money on a new laptop, blah, blah, blah, and then she flicks me. I like when I can grab the laptop and Tweet - I likes the tweets - I be glad we're BBFs - u rock lil sis! High paw and nose tap - EmmaLou,Golden Destroyer. P.S. Mom sez hi to ur mom. blah blah blah she never shuts up...OW she flicked me...

  3. ((I have returned... Sort of (more so when I have cleared my emails out!!) And I look forward to catching up with your 'dog's life'!!))

    Thanks for comments on my blog, only saw them the other day.
    Take care.... :))

  4. I am getting so slow about catching things in my RSS feed and not sure how I missed this. I think it is because I just cannot get rid of this lung infection and continue to wheez while trying to sleep and breathe. And this not sleeping is affecting my brain cells.

    Anyway with Maggie now gone and Bud here in her place has been okay. Took me a while to stop missing Maggie so much but she now has a good home where they are not allergic to her and they have given her a new name, Keisha. She just does not seem like a Keisha to me but they say she answers to that name now and seems to be happy. 9 year old grandson gets to see her every so often and so that is good. I think he still calls her Maggie.

    Bud plays with the cats and seems to handle being outside better then Maggie did. So far my allergies to him seem to be okay. But then again I will not know until I get rid of this lung infection and the wheezing stops. If it does not stop soon then Bud will have to stay outside because I might be allergic to him. The cats play with him and Joey stays with Bud and they are becoming good friends. Joey lets Bud attack him and bite him and he just lays there getting attacked. Only when Bud goes too far does Joey attack back. Bud has been learning how far he can go. He is getting better.

    And that was a sweet award to give to EmmaLou, she is a good friend.

    God bless.

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